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This web site was created to support pet parents everywhere who are dealing with the anticipated loss or loss of a beloved pet. We are equally committed  to providing support and training for the veterinary/animal care professionals who lovingly care for our companion animals.

 We  dedicate it to the memory of our two beloved “fur-kids”, Jake (a 15-year-old Siberian Husky) and Mazel Tov (a 17-year-old Siamese cat). It was their loss and our subsequent need to heal that caused us to seek out support. Once we had received that support and began to heal, we decided to give back and help others along the same journey.

The loss of a pet is devastating to pet parents like us, and it’s easy to feel very alone. However, the good news is that there is support and it’s possible to heal from such a loss. It is our hope that the information in this web site will give you the tools to begin the journey towards healing your heart.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide kind, compassionate emotional support for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing or anticipating the loss of a beloved pet.

Equally important is to provide emotional and educational support to all animal care professionals who have to deal with the needs of ill or suffering pets and their families on a daily basis. We believe that the emotional and physical well-being of these caregivers is essential in providing “top quality” veterinary/animal care.

We so enjoyed participating in the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION event in Long Beach on August 27! Please watch our Lecture here:

We are so grateful to be featured on K9 Corner! Please watch our featured piece here:

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